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Bai Shishan - GuiGang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Madeline  Date: 07-27 2008
Baishi Shan, Dongtian, of the Whitehead said, is China#39;s Taoism in Dongtian small 36 21 Dongtian,名曰show of music really long days, Guiping City, located in southeast China village litchi Guiping Ma Dong town.
Baishi Shan is a typical Danxia landform, is the Taoist places, TING Holy Mosques, the three-concept, and so will Xianyan Temples. Hill to show independence and the two Shi Feng Lin Rui-based, five in Basking Pico of the East Du Xiufeng,拔地而起, surrounded by cliffs, against Xiaohan; Mountain West for Lin Rui-feng, it is absolutely dangerous for, If You Long potential. Mountain landscape unique momentum of the event, the only way uphill Yixian Tian, more than two meters wide, the gap formed by Shi Feng, broken straight on about 300 more than grade, she gazed up only look on the long white clouds. Out of Yixian Tian, Jumu cliff is the ladder, more than 70 class-Dengkou, in the Shek Pik on Zaochu, this is the courage of the Pan Dengzhe the fun, look back on top, the pride Youranersheng is going to heaven was not without class , Disclosed dozens of the situation.