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Yu Long Beach State Forest Park - LuoYang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Christian  Date: 07-26 2008
Yu Long Bay National Park is approved by the Forestry Department of National Forest Park. Located 160 km southwest of Luoyang Luanchuan Xian in the Department. Has developed 12 scenic spots, more than 100 attractions.

Yu Long Bay National Park is the city of Luoyang after the Garden, the 10-Luan landscape of the first. It Shan Wei, water-cheol, Feng Qi, Shi strange, narrow valley, the hole You, King Zhuang and Qing Quan. 6,600 acres of mountain pine wood. In the Funiu Mountain peak sing Xiaofeng (commonly known as chicken a sharp angle) elevation 2212.5 M, Zhuangru chicken Kok, Yinkenggaoge, such as Daoxue powerful, very odd risk. Lee praised contemporary writers, "Wu Yue Xiu pressure, the three-odd crown."

Forest Park in Hong Luo River, the water flow fast, wearing a stone streams, many waterfalls Benxie, such as the Galaxy days, is spectacular. Park, deep gorges, cliffs Lin, Shek Pik among more than a niche of its hole on the cloth. Holes are holes, the Chingchuankang Ding Dong, do not have fun.

Yu Long Bay National Park, riding Fangcao spring and summer habitat shade, colored leaves of autumn and winter snow tours, 4:00 scenery different, and each has good Fun Miaojing, such as three Futian In early spring Zhongqiu, is the ideal summer vacation, looking for Yequ mountains, the best place to return to nature.