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Danzhou City around - HaiKou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isaac  Date: 07-27 2008
Hainan used to be here earlier in the development of ancient places, and later, cultural, economic center eastward shift, a decline of the western region, but also to the preservation of the ecological integrity of the original style of tropical rain forests, such as the State River Nature Reserve, as seven nests Ling, Daejeon nature conservation , Pa Wang Ling primeval forest protected areas, axes Mountain Nature Reserve, big-dam reservoir, and other scenic areas.
go on the road, Yingru is everywhere the eye drops to the verdant green, green everywhere Castle Peak everywhere, stacked Cengluan chapter条条green water, to tropical rain forests are the original ecological outlook, coupled with ancient Changhua City, the emperor hole Tiechengdanlu, underground palaces, monuments and other Bay pawn cave embellishment, bringing visitors to a site west of chic style.