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Yuemiao - HangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sara  Date: 07-24 2008

Yue Wangmiao in the northwest corner of West Lake, north of the western part of North Hill Road.

Yue Wangmiao history of the national hero Yue Fei is the place. Yue Fei is the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty against Jinbing the major generals, but Qin Hui, Zhang Jun, who "fabricated" charges framed for the rebel court, the death trap. Yue Fei killed in the pre-and wrote for "天日Zhao Zhao,天日Zhaozhao" eight Chinese characters. Yue Fei killed, Kui-guards risked their lives, carrying remains of Yue Fei, across the walls, and hastily buried next to Temple 9 Cong. 2l years after Song Xiao Zhong Yue Fei ordered to recover, and 500 consistent high reward seeking Yue Fei body, with a grand ceremony Qianzang in Xixia Ling, Yue is now the location of graves. Jiatai four years (1204) that after the death of Yue Fei court Zhuifeng for 63-E. Yue Wangmiao Jiading was built in 14 years the Southern Song Dynasty (1221), the Jingtai years renamed "Chungyeolgong temple", has experienced Yuan, Ming and Qing, in fashionable at the waste, from generation to generation of what has been until now. Building on the existing 1965-Emperor Kangxi (1715 AD) reconstruction, in 1918 had major repair, completely renovated in 1979, Yuemiao more solemn silence.

Diannei Cai Yue Fei as a plastic, on the Yue Fei cursive: "I also Heshan" Giant floor plaques. Yue Fei#39;s tomb is Youshou Basilica, the block of Shek Wai build, the tombstone engraved with the "E SONG Yue Wang Mu". Next to his son Yueyun tomb. Mudao on both sides of the Ming Dynasty have carved figurines of the civil and military, Shima, Dan Hu and Shi Yang; Mudao bands under the Qin Hui, Wang, Wan Qi Guo, Jun 40 kneel like. Mudao Zhaobi on the front, Hung Ming Chu by the book "Jingzhong serve the country" four Chinese characters. Ancient Bosen Sen, a solemn silence. In 1961 the State Council as a key national heritage conservation units.

visitors into Yuemiao visit, the first door is a two-story building Zhongyan, towering solemn, Right at the center, "Yue Wangmiao" the words floor plaques erected, and then the compound is a courtyard, paved the middle of a Qing Shi Yongdao, along Gumu Trees. Zhong Yan Chungryeolsa main hall of a middle Xuanzhao "Xinzhao天日" Hengbian, Ye Jianying is the Shoubi. Basilica of color is the center of the 4.5 m statue of Yue Fei, dressed in purple Mangpao, Lu Jin Jia arm, showing the Domain of Military Commanders and heroic spirit. Yue Fei is not eligible to wear his Mangpao, because after the closure E Wang, dressed in Mangpao.

palace walls on both sides of Putian is one Hung Ming Chu wrote "Jingzhong serve the country" four Chinese characters. Zuoxiang above Xuanzhuo an "I also Heshan" Hengbian, Yue Fei is the original handwriting, hanging around on each side of a "Bixuedanxin" and "Haoqi lives," Hengbian, is president of the Buddhist Association Zhao Puchu and the late Xilingyinshe Shameng Hai, president of the book, the main hall behind Yuemucizi on both sides, and so is the huge mural, showing the defending national hero Yue Fei performance. Basilica ceiling painted with "100 crane map", 373 cranes of different forms, vivid nature, is noble and Yue Fei Jianzhen character and integrity of the symbol. West of the main hall a group of garden entrance is Jingzhongbaiting, with litter Parker 8, the legend这棵cypress in the storm Tingbian Dali Si, Yue Fei killed after a tree to wither, and later on the shift on the mountain side graves , Called Jingzhong Park. Are identified, this is not the Southern Song Dynasty litter Parkinson PricewaterhouseCoopers, but the plant fossils belong to Song Boke, its history over the一亿二千万年.

into the courtyard, each one Beilang north-south, north Beilang display of Yue Fei is the poetry, played the original handwriting such as Zarqawi, the south is the record of history Xiumiao successive Masters pondered Yue Fei and poetry. The middle of the courtyard of a stone bridge Jingzhong bridge, the bridge is the tomb Que Jingzhong, modeling simple, is renovated in 1978, according to the Southern Song Dynasty architectural styles made. Que Tomb of the edge of allegiance is a well-chuen. Que heavy door into the Tomb of Yue Fei is the cemetery, both sides have Mudao Shima Shihudanyang each one right, three pairs of stone figurines is the center of Yue Fei tomb, engraved on the tombstone, "E SONG Yue Wang Mu," the left is the Tomb of Yue Yun , Engraved on the tombstone, "Song Jizhong Houyue-tomb", the two lots to maintain the style of Song Dynasty. A look tomb inscribed with a couplet column: "Since ancient times, failed with Bing Tan, Huiyu this true-false." Que behind on both sides of the Tomb of Qin Hui out of four people kneeling as the cast iron, for human Tuoma, Yixiuwannian. Que tomb after a heavy Menpang a couplet: "Castle Peak fortunate Mumetada bone, Baitie innocent casting Jian Chen." Cemetery side, and a group of garden, is now provided as Yue Fei Memorial Hall, to the public viewing.

Peidian Qizhong Temple, the original Si Yue Fei parents, this historical site into the showroom of Yue Fei. Yue Tomb, also known as mountain grave. Yue Fei after the murder, prison guards held its Kui-submarine body, buried in the northern mountains of Lu, Song Xiaozong enthronement, with propriety Gaizang here. The entrance to a cemetery, "Jingzhongboting", the north wall of booths, Feng Yuxiang inscription written in stone "national hero." Into the cemetery gate, on both sides of the Beilang, past the monument on display 125. North Gallery is Yue Fei poetry, played Zarqawi, and other original handwriting; South Gallery is history celebrity pondered Tiyong, Yuemiao several reconstruction of Beiji. Que now is the tomb of Yue Fei in 1979 when the refurbishment of the Southern Song Dynasty architectural style design, Mudao display on both sides of the Shihu, Shi Yang, and Ma Shi Shi Wengzhong, is the relics of the Ming Dynasty. Que tomb under four Tiezhu Portrait, Fan Jian hands, face and kneel tomb, which trap the Chinese juniper Yue Fei, Wang, Zhang, Wan Qi Guo four. Que like to kneel behind the tomb on the Ying says: "Castle Peak fortunate Mumetada bone, Bai Tie Ning Kevin Robinson innocent."