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Shungeng Mountain Forest Park - HeFei

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Caleb  Date: 07-25 2008
Purple Pengshan - "Luyang first Mountain", 189 meters above sea level, located 18 kilometers southwest of Hefei, "Forest Boulevard," the same. Purple Pengshan, and寓Ziqi east of Italy, given to the mountain to deep Buddhist culture of remote sensing and the myth of a strong color. Dense mountain forest, numerous sites. July 1992 was approved by the Forestry Department of national forest park in September 1998 was named the provincial government of Anhui Province scenic spots.
Purple Pengshan Forest Park area of 100 square kilometers, stretching from west to east 25 km to the Dabie Mountains Yumo. The famous scenic spots are purple Pengshan, Yuantong Hill, Duke of Zhou Shan, the buried hill, forest ecosystem to maintain good. The main sites are: Anhui Province was established in the three countries in the Temples - West Cottage Temple, the Western Han Dynasty general Li Ling, San Guowei will LI Dian Tomb; Song of the famous anti-GE or Tomb; generals of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the rehabilitation of West Cottage Temple, the Temple Mingjiao Mingseng Hong Yuan desert home; Huaijun famous Liu Ming-chuan, Zhang Sheng, Zhou widely rumored that the house - Liulao Wei, Zhang Lao Wei, Zhou Wei, and so old. The famous landscape is also available in: 21 meters high the Tathagata Buddha, Amitabha, the Buddha and pharmacists high 15 m statue of the Maitreya Buddha, Cliff, Kumarajiva, a statue of 500 arhats, and the Baiyun Si, buried hill temple, Wenchang Court, Zhou Yu reading , Washing Yanchi, and so on. Zhang Jin-revolutionary historical sites are the Tomb of fat built in the early West county site - trabecular Kong. Here or the county committee and the CPC Anhui Hefei Center Northwest recorders and independent guerrilla Anhui Northwest Division birthplace. Landscape dependencies within the area, move affordable. A large lake, river, pond, spring, as for many of the pearl inlaid in the Castle Peak. The weir Bay, customs varied; immortal Lake, the Mill n #39;Pretty quiet pier reservoirs, Bibo Dangyang; South Channel is like a submarine in Long Cengluan overlapping between the winding嶂dancing.
Purple Forest Park is located in Pengshan North to the warm subtropical zone with the transition, lush plants, seeds of 107 by 478 kinds of plants, 470 kinds of Section 102 angiosperm, in the mountains-wide (leaves) mixed the old green. A fir forest into a film, the dong, the fruit and pine forest. Peak purple bottle over a hundred years old trees more than 1,000 strains, and ancient ginkgo and "Yu-Lung Kwu neck" has been 500 years. A wood-burning of peacocks there, the stone tree, giant purple possession, and so on. Cangmang ups and downs of the purple mountain top, the rich wildlife. Five Xiangji, the habitat of 120 species of birds. Youth Pre-employment Training that a group of white book, under the blue sky between the pursuit of Castle Peak, is feeding, like the early spring sky of the movie slowly flying kites, like the vast sea of little Bai Fan.
in purple bottle Pass tree leaves, red roof Baiqiang the "Forest Holiday Inn" particularly eye-catching. And in the mountains north of the Bay is a Yanbo Hao-miao of clear water around, like a Qingyimianmian lover, quietly at the foot of the mountain Yiwei, which is purple Pengshan-can destroy the Pearl - a weir Bay. It is an artificial lake, the capacity of 7.12 million cubic meters, 80 hectares of the lake. Lake Weir Bay West Bank leisure Villa, Huguangshanse, Enaduozi. The fragrance of flowers or Dangzhou season in the lake, or fishing on the lake, let Lawton in the heart of this Wan-jing, in the parking. In between the mountains and rivers, to the golf course as the center of the Country Club and 100 Garden Resort and the construction of the pipeline.