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Nanjing Museum stone - NanJing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Claire  Date: 07-25 2008
Ornamental Stones stone in the world is a wonderful work, formed in 250 million years ago to 150 million years, is a natural flower agate. It is mainly produced in the Yangtze River Bank, the Yizheng R scenery.

stone "spent" under the pretext of flowers and rain, the beautiful charming. Leung and Southern Dynasties, the spread of a legend: "Liangdi Emperor period, the monk-in-stone Kong Master Jiang Jing, sincere Suozhi, moved into space, the ceilings are charged with, fall into multicolored stones," it said stone, Jiang Jing, then renamed Yuhuatai. Idiom "hype" is from this legend.

stone is the product of Nanjing, seems to have become a symbol of Nanjing, Nanjing promote artificial stone culture, the popularization of scientific knowledge stone, stone Nanjing Museum in April 1990 to open. Yuhuatai Scenic Area in 1997 and more than 20 million investment in its renovation and enhanced the effect of stone on display. Nanjing play to the people regarded as tourist souvenirs stone home. Since 1999, an annual event in Nanjing stone Arts Festival, is unique tour "trump card" program.