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Miao Temple - QianDongNanMiaoZuDongZuZiZhiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Emily  Date: 07-24 2008
Rongjiang is the birthplace of Miao and Dong culture, in Rongjiang County of Miao Temple this is unprecedented in China and the world of ancestor worship and Miao temple, known as the "sole world Miao temple." In Guizhou province and beyond, in Southeast Asia, and even as far away as Europe have a certain impact, the museum is also available in Paris, France, Miao ancient Temple of information recorded. However, the name of the Miao Xiang Dangdang so Temple, appeared nowhere near the scale of the Central Plains and an ordinary temple. It is said that now is the Miao later reconstruction of the Temple, the original Miao Temple scale to the large number.

It is interesting that the temple is not only enshrined Miao Wang, also for the Goddess of Mercy; peacetime Miaoren not only to worship ancestors, but also Han people burned incense and bowed to worship the Buddha.

1, how to: Miao Temple, in Rongjiang County. By three in a motorcycle to the county, fares only one yuan. Since a lieutenant colonel in front of the cement road to the weather station direction, the right side three minutes from behind a stone stairway cul-de-sac, from here on the hillside can see the Temple of the Miao.

2, to remind: Miao Temple in the annual Lunar New Year June 19, September 19, 14 and February 14 New Year has activities.