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Zhenjiang Maoshang Mountain - ZhenJiang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: William  Date: 07-20 2008

Maoshan in Jiangsu Province, southwest, west of Changzhou, about 60 kilometers away from Changzhou, about 10 km North-South, East and West about five kilometers wide, covering over 50 square kilometers. Like a green Canglonghengwo in Jurong, Jiangsu Province, the altar, Lishui, Dantu, Danyang five counties (cities). Maofeng the main peak, it is the first green Cang Long, is also the peak of Maoshan, 372.5 meters above sea level, though not high, but As the saying goes: Hill is not high, while Ling cents! Scenic Area in 1986 by the provincial government, the province was listed as Level Forest Park for the approval of Class-A scenic area. 1995. At the same time, she is a Taoist shrines, is also anti-Japanese base, its natural landscape, cultural landscape, forest landscape, and the revolutionary view of the integration, the increasingly rising Wonderland. The total area of 32 square kilometers planning, Jiuxiao Palace Xiongju its Wanfu, the two Maofeng, three Maofeng winding down, with the peak level of ups and downs, Xiang Ying-Hui.

Maoshang Mountain has four major characteristics:

one, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery, known as Jiufeng, 18-chuen, 26-, 28 pools of Shengjing, there are numerous length and breadth of the Office of rock Guaidan so that the formation of the Maoshan A strange and wonderful natural style.

2, Maoshan to its known Taoist shrines. Maoshan become a medium to send the birthplace of Taoism, was later known as: "the first blessed land, the eighth Dongtian," enjoy "the Qin and Han gods House, Tang Liang-prime minister" reputation.

3, Maoshan or the New Fourth Army in southern Jiangsu anti-Japanese base at the centre. Maoshan by Chairman Mao as one of the six major anti-Japanese base.

40, is Maoshan the 1960s and 1970s, Zhishiqingnian up the countryside to accept the location of the revolutionary tradition of education, Liu Qiqian Changzhou educated youth who left a generation of young people here in their youth and enthusiasm for the Maoshan Development can not be left to mill the feat.

big Maofeng, the main peak of Maoshan, the plot in South Jinfeng, 372.5 meters above sea level. The top of its board, the East look Taihu, cloud water Cangmang; West of Chishan, smoke Piaomiao. However, the Yuan Dynasty poet monk in the "big Mao Feng Deng," wrote a poem: "Baiyun cut for Yaotai snow and cold-wook steamed open-hole flowers; Hill North Shannan see better, Chuiyanduoduo is Xianjia." Peak Snow is the concept of a scene. Da Xin Ming Dynasty in the "big Maofeng to see snow," wrote: "a night-high four acts condensate, such as the collapse West wind Suet Suet; spent 3,000-blessed land, the people in the 12-Yao Feng" he said. "Maoshan Chi" is contained, Hyun Dili Order of the East China Sea God Tongding buried in the Peak, entering soil Bachimen with Panshi repression. Pass often are Shenguang, lantern, a left Longchi. Han Jian stone altar stone house and three stone statue of Mao Jun, Qi Liang of the Southern Dynasties easy temple. Yuan extension of three years (1316) of St. building, the largest worship Maojunmaoying. Ming Wanli 26 years (1598) changed its name to Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace.

two Maofeng, Jinfeng plot in the north, 301 meters above sea level. Mao is a solid set of Zhenjun Hu set the peak. Yuan extension of three years (1316) of Jiande, the worship of Mao Jun. Of the temple has been destroyed, the ruins are left on the four-cornerstone of the Middle Temple and brick.

small Mao Feng, Mao Feng in the North, 267.9 meters above sea level. Third is the official co-life Zhenjun Hu Mao-land. Yuan extension of three years (1316) built-concept, the three Maojun worship. Temple has been destroyed, the only remaining sites. Ming Dynasty poet Wang Ao of the Mao Feng, Mao Feng, the scenery in the small Maofeng "Deng Maoshan Jueding" made in this description: "big-small-even in the peak, the same day to cut Green Furong, Li Jiuxiao back once Mandrax , Baizhang have first-degree Qianyan heavy. Xi Biao think with the drive wheel cranes, only this Yunqi Utah Jackie Chan, chief of rehabilitation where the distant, to the holes on Huayang. "

have Pufeng, Maofeng in the Northeast, elevation 288 meters. Ge Hong in this religious Liandan. Built: Bao Pu, Gehong Dan Wells, is still the Ming Dynasty. Poet Tuxun "that appear on-yuan," wrote: "Savage said spring leisure Maoshan, there have Qinglin Pitt Bay, far from the city Pheasant-Piaomiao, fixed-birds spend between customs. Wugeng spring storm will be the elderly, Passers-by off-schedule outstanding, well in line love Gehong Dan, traces de Patinagem de Youdai fresh moss spot. "

plot Jinfeng, in large Maofeng and between the two Maofeng, 271.5 meters above sea level. Flowers and lush trees because of the mountains, Mrs Diana Wong Ip Hongye-and late autumn, overlooking like gold coverage, Gu Ming plot Jinfeng. Even the stone-vertical and horizontal, as if all over the MPFA, the plot is also a source of Jinfeng. Hu Yu Yun in the Qing Dynasty that "plot Jinfeng," the poem said: "Ren Lin Yan Zi Wan Tsui Lam, Sanfeng team chu high Cen, transit constantly Hill Fuyu, Dieshi muddy the suspected plot." Wanning yuan at the Palais des Jinfeng in the plot on the south.

five Yunfeng, Jinfeng plot in the southeast, steep peaks. According to legend, had all three Maojun by five colors to watch over the peak in Choi Wan Yung-eight scenic spots, often after Fengdian colored clouds appear, Gu Ming five Yunfeng. St. days in the Northern Song Dynasty years (1023-1032) built concept, the Southern Song Dynasty at the Chi-yun of five, due to disrepair gradually destroyed.

-Changshan, in the small North Maofeng, weeping old North Hill, elevation 113 meters. According to (Maoshan Chi) records, the emperor received sentences Qu North Chui Shan, had buried a pair of Baibi, deep Qichi. Qunchen praise: "Xunshou of music, is the Sankaikan, since this good for the past often have." Chui is diverted for the North-Changshan. Qinbi buried in the Department, Panshi review said. Lisi had engraved on the wall: "Shi Huang Shengde, Ping Zhang Shan River, Xunshou Chang-chuan, Le-ming of the wall."

of the mountain, located in plot Kinpo East. "Hongzhi Jurong Shiki" contained, the mountain is rich in minerals, gold mining can be, but a Erchi entering soil. Yuan Dynasty calligrapher, poet, Zhao Meng Yu Shi Yishou the mountain when he left: "Jiemao by bacteria Hill, Fenxiang designate Chi covered. I really Ling Min Fortunately, when the crown to be carried."