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Yichang Nanjinguan - YiChang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brayden  Date: 07-21 2008

Nanjinguan at Xiling Xia East Side, "the Three Gorges this poor," and the entrance of Qutang Xia Kuimen, the Three Gorges is the natural gateway to the end.

Nanjinguan located in the Three Gorges East Side, is the end of Xiling Xia, and the entrance to the Qutang Xia Kuimen, the Three Gorges both ends of the natural gateway. Nanjinguan to the Yangtze River, will cast off the shackles of high-Gap Fukaya, has begun to enter the vast Yangtze River in the downstream plains. Nanjinguan prison under the north shore of the river, also known as the prison Tianjin, the legend of this because of Liu Bei had Jushou-named after the south. Commissioner of cross-strait cliffs large days, odd-peak differences, Jiang narrow face, like a bottle Xijing, locked the surging River, a Yangtze River, the middle reaches of the natural dividing line. Xianyao terrain here, "-when Shudao, Wei lock Jingmen," has always battleground for the military strategists.

Bai Juyi in the "First role Gap felt" a poem, it depicts a very vivid, image: "there Maninsan Hill, Qian Zhang under water, Cangcang Between the two sides, the narrow width of a reed capacity. " Three Kingdoms period, Liu Feng-shu will be built in the north shore of the Peak City base, said Liu Feng City. Peak is also available on a boulder Taiwan, the legend is Zhang Shu will be guarded when Dubingleigu of Yiling, who Leigu Taiwan.

the Yangtze River a Nanjinguan, the two sides because of forthright, Jiang#39;s face suddenly wide. Elevation in the river near the crossing rapidly changing, high places in the Wusong more than 30 meters around 0:00, fell to a low of 0.1 Wusong following more than 40 meters, so the original Gap within a relatively gentle flow of the river here, they form a vortex of Tuan Tuan, turned Flower rolling waves, choppy. Is "sent to Qifeng eyes excluded, the sky#39;s the width of Yiling." Juncture very different from both inside and outside the scenery, visitors tend to make a "rock-Gap-Xiaoshan, a Gap love Pingkuang" flu. The Nanjinguan the two sides, the construction of the Gezhouba Water Project, a large-scale rectification, many of the cliff walls have been bombed in addition to adversity, in its place is a prison under the river on Hengkong replaced by towering stands of the highway bridge and a navigation tower Chuang Chuang拔地而起the tower. Yao Wang here at the Gezhouba Water Control Project, particularly its stunning scenery

Nanjinguan cross-strait topography Xianyao, Doubi upright, Jiang narrow face, as if Xijing bottle, locked surging Dajiang, known as "Xiongguanshudao, Weiwei Jingmen," said. Military strategists have always been for the battleground. In Nanjinguan three kilometers downstream, Jiang#39;s surface by about 300 meters wide to over 2,000 meters, Nanjinguan following the Yangtze River, although far more spacious than the Three Gorges, but the two sides未尽mountain, the mountain people often regarded as the Three Gorges Jingmen the East Side , The provinces of Sichuan, Hubei and the throat, Shicheng "on the resumption of the Shudao-3000, under lock Jingxiang side of the Bureau."

Zhang, Hao Qi towering their lifetime, just days Boyun, won the people#39;s favorite folk, it also has many beautiful legends, said Zhang Fei in the past This training session Shuishi, Leigu cheering, "Recalling the past Zhengrongsuiyue, several Fengliurenwu, also see Jinzhao" Therefore, today we have seen Zhang Lei Gu Taiwan.