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Stone Forest Park openings - LiShui

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Audrey  Date: 07-19 2008

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This is the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai Qingtian stone openings that remain the Majestic poems. Qingtian stone openings is one of China#39;s 36 Dongtian, a landscape wonders of the 14 eastern Zhejiang known resort. It is located Kuocang Xinan Yu spur from the Green Tianhe over 70 cities and towns, Legend has it that Jin Xie Lingyun Yongjia Taishou to Tour de Patinagem de Nie, before opening Cidong. "Faction from the world, Li Bai had read," This is very natural Dong Fu Shen Chi. Crescent Moke poem home each clinical visit, Chang Yong Chung to poetry, not praise.

stone openings scenic area in central and southern Zhejiang domain of Qingtian County, Jinliwen Qishanxiushui located in the middle of tourist routes, three from Zhejiang Province, one of the tourist hub of Wenzhou City, only 86 kilometers from Qingtian county 31 km to 40 km of urban Lishui, Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, 330 State Road, a scenic spot Jinliwen rapid and convenient transportation. Stone openings in 1963 in Zhejiang Province was confirmed to the provincial key protection units in Zhejiang Province in 1985 was listed as the first batch of provincial-level scenic area, the Forestry Department in 1991 has been approved by the provincial Forest Park, Zhejiang Province in 2001 was listed as No. A number of state AAA-level tourist area. Area planning a total area of 71.34 square kilometers, of which the core area of 25.64 square kilometers. Into the Shihmen Fei Bao, the son Shengjing, Shigu Caohai three major scenic areas and high Shacun town west of Haikou, the east to the Chuanliao mine village, 330 State Road and rail temperature between the Oujiang Tahsi King zone and connect Prince Edward Shengjing , West Kou Caohai area with the mountains, such as King, "with the three districts." The nature of its scenic spots: Dongtianfeipu, Cliff Inscription, the Oujiang Xiuse alpine meadow for the characteristics and into the humanities Historical Relics and Hillwood Yequ integrates supply for leisure tourism, summer vacation landscapes of the provincial-level scenic spots.

stone openings along the southeast coast of Zhejiang formation Division, to volcanic rocks in the health community for the development of special features, thick as a giant eruption of rock as the main lithologic to acid rhyolite tuff and consisting mainly of Acid folder between the base of the continental volcanic construction. Geological structure to fault-based, non-fold growth. Scenic areas in hills and mountains landscapes mainly for the Kuocang Tahsi northern mountains, Tahsi hole Palace mountains to the south, most of the area for mountain-Palace as part of Zhejiang Province for the highest landscape area, the terrain from southwest to northeast tilt . Cutting due to strong land-complex, most of 700-800 meters above sea level are the low mountain, hilly slope in more than 25 degrees above. Tahsi in northern valley, the beach, Jiang broad 200-400 meters, only 20 meters above sea level. Is a scenic spot in the subtropical monsoon climate, warm and humid, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall. And vertical obvious differences. The average annual temperature from the entrance to Shigu Jiangbin Lake area is about 18 ℃ reduced to 14 ℃, the average annual rainfall 1480 mm. Hydrology of the streams Shankeng, Shanjian numerous waterfalls, water quality at the national level surface drinking water standards. Oujiang Tahsi years by an average flow of about 20 billion cubic meters, state surface water quality standards more than two drinking water, vegetation, the forest coverage rate reached 94 percent.

stone openings to the region Pinnacle wins mountain range, Feipugaoxuan, stream-Qi, lush forests for natural features, but also has a long history and heritage scene, and legend, the rich cultural connotations. Its amazing is the Shihmen Feibao, each with five waterfalls, magnificent momentum, most of a height from 112.5 meters on the Hong Ran Cliff caving in, weeping shape if so, if jump-splash, such as silver, scattered fog, said "Tian", "holy water", under the Longtan waterfall Han Wang Xu three acres, such as the Blue Qingbi. Stone openings such as Yudai Tahsi import dependencies, Qishan, Gushan confrontation such as doors, inside arch Central mountains, lush trees. Southern Dynasties Song Si, Landscape Poetry open in Yongjia Taishou Xie Lingyun Xunyou Exploration wins the first Tour after a stone openings, "Sheng of Soochow first thing", after a Taoist 36 of the 12 small Dongtian Dongtian. Li Bai, Wang Anshi, Tang Xianzu, Ruan Yuan, Yuan Mei, Zhu Yizun, Guo Moruo and other celebrities Mo Ke and contemporary history, have praised writer-openings and left beautiful poem, a 117 Cliff inscriptions are, Zhuan, Li, transportation, the grass of calligraphy Light scene works so that the openings become Zhejiang Cliff Stone Inscription one of the highest density of the area, was listed as priorities in heritage conservation units. Stone was still openings that Zongzu as "Du Jiang advisers Wu Shuang, the founding Wen Chen first" National Division - the study of juvenile Liu Ji, Liuji sites in the study, Wen-Cheng Liu Gongci remains the same. Also nearby, "Ling-yu Temple", "Xie Ke Tang," "Goddess of Mercy Club" and the modern Chen Cheng, "Shihmen Villa" and other ancient building monuments and the division of the seabed, Green ladder, Regulus Qiu, ventilation holes, and other landscape features, 50 . Prince#39;s top scenic spots in elevation over 700 categories of the Peak, Feng Ya-strange concept, many features, is climbing fitness, exploration-Lieqi a good place, Shigu Caohai is the Jiangnan rare alpine meadow scenery, good forest, wild plants Colorful, Huaguo plant more and more cool mountain climate, the summer resort for the summer and winter for the Shangxue good. Shihmen Dongwai Tahsi with stream-Qi Jing, beautiful beaches Lin, Qu River Bay Beach, tree-lined both sides of the strait, Prince Edward Shengjing to Shigu Caohai like a landscape with mountains King Gallery, Yequ full, typical for wild ecological tourism Open Zone.

stone openings area master plan has been prepared, in recent years, Qingtian County, was listed as the focus of tourism development, the transformation of travel trails, the construction of stone hotel openings, so that the reception capability has been enhanced, but the area prior to the forestry sector management Mainly, forestry economic activities, water, electricity, health, shopping, and other infrastructure facilities in poor reception, and high-grade resources disproportionate impact on the overall efficiency of the tourist, the whole is only 7 million visitors around. The future to straighten out the system and strengthen the building of scenic spots, such as the unified leadership. Vigorously foreign propaganda, to accelerate the implementation of the project construction and maintenance of ecological balance, the stone openings into the south of Zhejiang famous scenic tourist areas.