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Qianshan scenic area - AnShan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luis  Date: 07-19 2008
Qianshan, Guchenjicui Hill, also known as 1000 Mountain, 1000 Mountain, Lianhua Mountain 1000. Anshan City in Liaoning Province, 17 kilometers southeast of the total area of 72 square kilometers, China#39;s key national scenic area. She south Bohai Bay, north Changbai, Qunfeng Stubbs, Wanwu the air to show peaks, Qiao Shi, Gu You, the ancient Temple, Buddhism, known Songqi Sheng Hua, with attractions-intensive, walking King differences, Long-ling Titou characteristics, known as "Pearl of the Northeast" reputation. Since ancient times, has been attracting visitors to the human Shengjing.

"Songtao Baizhang million Zhi Lan, a dry lake-Cui Ying Lin." Qianshan from Lotus seemed nearly 1,000 of the Qifeng, a very beautiful natural scenery. She is no Wuyue of Xiongjun, there are the sublime Qian Feng, a unique group Yingzi like an inexhaustible natural picture, displayed on the Liaodong on the land. "For a few flowers to the blue sky, 999 Hibiscus" This is the Qing Dynasty poet Yao million for the Qianshan Song. In many Qifeng, the most peculiar is Qianshan Buddha. Posed by the entire summit, Duanzuo Lianhua Mountain in 1000, to Qianshan added mystery. Immortal Taiwan, following the immortal Granville of the crane named after the legend of return for the first Qianshan peak. Mountaineering Yuan Wang, Zhu Feng Qianzibaitai, unlimited panoramic view of scenery: Song Gu towering wind diarrhoea-tao, Guaishi ring for the length and breadth of phosphorus, the hole is made up around the pagoda Yunyan, Huguangshanse Xiangyingchengqu. Qianshan, different scenery all year round: Spring Valley Ewha times, Shanhua full Zhi; summer re-Luan Pinnacle, lush; fall Manshan Hongye, Laxiafeihong; winter snow-wrapped, Xuelang rolling. Jiajing year round beauty scene, attracting visitors Liulianwangfan.

Qianshan, is the natural landscape and the human landscape of perfect unity, and religious culture is the main Qianshan human landscape. "The mountains have been the Zhong Xiang Hui, Tai Miao Wen-yu first-furnace." Qianshan a temple, concept, palaces, temples, more than 20 deer, and so, like a flash for many of the precious stones, set in the Qifeng Discovered Valley, the oldest Qianshan more charming. These ancient and magnificent temples, some towering above the Xianfeng; Some leave in accordance with the hills; some located in Sunningdale slope; Song Gu Guaishi some hidden in the overcast. Hongtuo each other and nature, integration, constitutes a beautiful, elegant, quiet touching the screen. As the early Qing Dynasty Zhenguo Gong Aixinjueluo high-Cypriots, as described in the poem: "Ke-yu from the transit, Biquan-rock sound. Kyodo Qing Xiao Lu, You-Zhi Jing Maemi. You#39;ve Luo Feng Cui, Like Britain-containing tobacco. Monastery to peak for the screen, lending for significant. "Apart from the temple, there are numerous holes, Tajikistan, booths, 1,000 human landscape monument is also an important part.

scenic Qianshan, since ancient times to look at history and the vast number of celebrity visitors. Tang Taizong Qianshan not only in fat and Xue Li Li Shimin of the barracks sites, but also left Kangxi and Qianlong of the Qing Di travels in the footsteps and poems. Sanjiang intersection of the Kanto Wets Taishi Wanger Lie, in Qianshan Longquan Temple to study, so far retained his study. Wenrenmoke history left many of the poems of praise Qianshan. Only Ming and Qing, in three periods are the first of more than 1,600 poems.

after 1949, especially since reform and opening up, Qianshan development of many new attractions, looks brand new, and has become a major north of tourism, vacation, summer resort. Qianshan at the northern, central, southern and western parts of four Resort, including 20 tour the area and more than 400 scenic spots, the entire travel Qianshan need on the 4th.

Qianshan, she is a beautiful and heroic bearing the magic of the wind cadres at home and abroad to meet the tourists to visit.