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8 Jingtai - GanZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Christopher  Date: 07-19 2008
8 Habitat Taiwan in the north of the city of Ganzhou City Chapter confluence of water and water Gong, is a symbol of the ancient city of Ganzhou. This high-three, antique buildings, all high-285 meters with a total area of 574 square meters. Feiyandougong, painting Leung Chu-chu, magnificent. It contains the history, Taiwan is the original stone floor, for the North Song Jiayou years (1056-1063) Kongzong Han built. Kongzong Han is Qufu in Shandong, Confucius and Sun 46th. In view of his "Zhou Cheng-year-old water for rodents, particularly the Northeast-pad Pi," and "cutting stone for the site, Ye Tiegu base", will repair a brick in Tucheng City, built on its Chenglou. 8 Jingtai completed, please Kongzong Han Su Dongpo Tishi graphics. Su Dongpo then "Qian Zhou eight Habitat plans eight and order" and "Figure 8 after Habitat sequence." Before a poem, Su Dongpo the first time in the history of China by eight scenic spots of the city, forming a group of tourism Shengjing for future generations to imitate, eight scenic spots such as the Yanshan, Shanghai City eight scenic spots, eight scenic spots in Hong Kong, eight scenic spots such as Taiwan, China may well be a milestone in cultural tourism .

Taiwan within eight Habitat also has Ganzhou Museum, the historical relics on display is quite rich, the audience turned into eight Habitat Park. Park trees Cangmang, clear water-finishes, Louting confrontation, fresh peaceful, picturesque scenery.