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Rongcheng Swan Lake Tourist Resort - WeiHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sydney  Date: 07-17 2008
Rongcheng Swan Lake (provincial) Tourist Resort is located in the eastern end of the Jiaodong Peninsula, the beautiful and richly endowed Chengshan Town, in the southeast brink of both sides of the Bohai Sea, four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature 11.8 oC, a mid-latitude temperate monsoon climate and oceans. Chengshan Town, by the party committee and government in 1992 based on its own unique mu Lin Hai, the 10,000 geese, 10,000 meters of the beach tourism resources at their own expense, founded in 1995 in Shandong Province was approved by the Provincial People#39;s Government Tourist Resort, 1997 was As a state-level scenic spots, the National Nature Reserve.

the region has the world#39;s largest habitat for swans - Chengshan-Swan Lake. Wu Ming Che, clean water, pure golden beach and blue sky and clear water of the beaches, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. The annual November to April the following year, 10,000 large swan, only tens of thousands of wild ducks, Dayan Buyuanwanli, from Siberia, Inner Mongolia and other places Hupenghuanyou, quietly landing droves, wintering habitat, forming the world#39;s largest swan Lake, domestic and foreign experts and scholars as "Oriental Swan Kingdom." Lake and the sea from a width of 100 meters away from the bar to form the 10,000 meters of natural beach and sand beach to. Since the establishment of Tourism Development Zone, the region attaches great importance to the development of tourism resources, has built large marine amusement companies, large-scale entertainment city, large-scale field in Happy Valley, so that it is rapidly becoming a set tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment in the modern one Tourist resorts.

Swan Lake area is legendary emperor from his wife#39;s tears pooling, Swan Qin wife is the embodiment of the soul. A long time ago, the emperor to find drugs to the East China Sea three Changshengbulao Xiandao Quyao, therefore Moving Missile reclamation bridge-building, and ordered his wife to hear Luosheng meal delivery. On the 1st day of Shang, the feces grams Lang flying collision ring for the gong, Qin wife hurried to the meal. Qin Shihuang see his wife breach, Danu, to death. Qin grievances wife, Lei Liu into the river, pooled into a "lake tears." People Huailian, Qin wife calls for return to the purity of the soul of the world, therefore the sky is floating under the countless swans.

tourist area complete supporting facilities. Has built eight of the high-end hotels, guesthouses, 88 cultural entertainment, and a higher grade of the bars, sauna centre, bowling Hall. With daily water supply 10,000 cubic meters of water company a capacity 110,000-volt substation and 20,000 may be a direct-dial international and domestic installed capacity of program-controlled telephones, opened the mobile phone, wireless paging, and other services. Landing area is more convenient.

-city area is northeast of traffic hub, the airport 28 km away from Weihai, Weihai port 26 km, Weihai railway station 28 kilometers from Weihai, Rongcheng can be reached. Summer tourists can come to this summer, Naliang, enjoy eating seafood, wash the bath and watch the waves; can see swans in winter, of Snow, so that the area become an "all-weather" tourist areas.

Tutemingchan lot of the area, with sea cucumber, abalone, Quebec cockles, scallops, and other famous aquatic products, with peanuts, apples, and other famous Jiaodong agricultural and sideline products.