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Yongsan days Grottoes - TaiYuan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Hailey  Date: 07-16 2008
In Shanxi Province, 40 kilometers southwest of Taiyuan Tianlong mountainside. Yongsan days Yiming, mountain, 1,700 meters high above sea level. Here beautiful, the history of Northern Qi Dynasty emperor was the father of a high-Yang Huan#39;s high summer palace. Around the undulating hills, pines and cypresses over lush mountains, hills Dragon King Dandong springs Dangyang, Piedmont streams clean Chan Chan. Founded in caves days Yongsan Dong Wei (AD 534-550), high-huan Yongsan dig caves in the day, the son of a high high-Huan Yang Yang for the establishment of the Northern Qi Dynasty not have to dig caves in the Yongsan days. Yang Guang Jin Wang as the Sui Dynasty, continue to dig caves, Tang Li Yuan and his son started in Jinyang, the construction of grottoes reached a peak.

Grottoes located in the two-day Yongsan things the cliff waist, Dong Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang cut of 24 caves, Dongfeng eight caves, Xifeng 13 caves, North Cave Hill 3. More than 1,500 caves existing statues respect, relief, Zaojing, portraits of 1144. The Cave of the different cut to the Tang Dynasty highest of 15 caves. Dong Wei stone carving of moderate, realistic images, realistic, rich flavor of life; Tang Yuxian statue is strict, Xilian, exquisite. Tang Dynasty stone carving Body lively, graceful posture, Daofaxilian Yiwen smooth, rich texture. Ninth Cave "Man Shan Ge" in the Maitreya Buddha, seated about eight meters high, the proportion of harmony, and looks dignified and solemn; lower deck of legislation like the Goddess of Mercy, about 11 meters high, physical fullness, Ying Luo Wealthy, Shaluo thorough body, and the statue Samantabhadra , With a smile, but自得rule, is in fine stone carving. Ming Zhang Mian "Tianlong Si," a poem "The Gate of the Qiu Shi Yan Song Yi, Dian Wai Cypress Hill shoring inverted" sentence, meaning Cijing. Tianlong the mountains, there are times mountain pines and cypresses, especially in Panlong God-Song Gu Yongyu, vertical and horizontal winding, mountain Tianlong another miracle.

days Yongsan Grottoes for its modeling of the skill, the proper ratio, the softer lines, carvings fine for us to study Buddhism, art, sculpture, architecture all provided a wealth of Materials for the ancient Chinese art of sculpture example, the history of art sculpture in the world occupy a very important role.