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Qujiang Tourist Resort - XiAn

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Lily  Date: 07-14 2008
On the Qujiang pool, in the Tang dynasty is well-known scenic spot. Since the royal family on the aristocracy, Daguanxianhuan down to the public disabilities, Caizijiaren, often travelled to the Qujiang pool feast pleasures. The annual March 3 and July 15 and September 9 during the Chung Yeung Festival, Qujiang pool bustling. Bibo Dangyang of the lake, Shenggehuachuan, Qinggemanwu. Dian-ge ups and downs of the pool, Hongnanlvnv Huanshengxiaoyu. Especially during the Imperial Fabang, North Korea should be extended in this new grand banquet and the Jinshi, Chang#39;an city residents have to watch. Dinner stop, personally sent Jinshi paraded on horseback, and to take title Yanta, Italy Dezhi then. Past the so-called "Qujiang-drink" and I think this is probably named after the bar.
"Chuanhuahudie deeply see, dragonflies, water-sections", "Peach Blossom Fine by Yang Whispering, Huangniao, and since Niaofei" is the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu#39;s large pool of Qujiang painted a vivid scenery .
Xi#39;an Qujiang Holiday Resort is the provincial tourism resort, is set tour, tourism, vacation, recreation, trade, villas for an integrated development zone. Covers an area of 15.88 square kilometres. Scenic area is rich in resources, to the great magnificent Yanta, Cien Temple as the center, built in Tang Dynasty Art Museum, Tang Hua Tang hotels and dance halls, showing that the Tang Dynasty building in Seattle. The regional botanical gardens, bonsai garden, the Chunxiao Park, rose garden and a clean park, such as Chang#39;an reflect the beautiful garden city, such as wind international cuisine tourism facilities, domestic and foreign tourists for leisure, entertainment, food and beverage service and convenience.