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Shop site - ZhengZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isabella  Date: 07-14 2008
Shop site in Zhengzhou City area, 25 sq km area. It is early in "Yin Ruins in Anyang," the early Shang Dynasty city ruins, now there are still a perimeter for the seven kilometers of the Shang Dynasty city walls. Unearthed in this city of two copper Fangding, is the early Shang Dynasty bronze in the rare royal artifacts. In this also unearthed a large number of Fang Ji, cellars, wells, ditches, tombs and other relics and bronze, stone, shell, jade, pottery and porcelain, and other original artifacts, and a small amount of bone knives lettering and Tao symbols. Zhengzhou city sites discovered for the study of the ancient Shang Dynasty slave society and the Chinese cities of the formation and development has provided valuable materials.