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DULONGJIANG Valley - NuJiangLiLiZuZiZhiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Leah  Date: 07-12 2008
Block map northwest corner of Yunnan Province has highlighted the long and narrow rectangular area, which connect to the northern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, close to the western and southern Myanmar, the region is that very few people went to the DULONGJIANG region. Living here for the history books, called "Pacific of the people" known for the Dulong, but also because of his unique topography and remote occlusion and was described as "mysterious valley." Valley in a wide variety of natural resources and the cliffs of the canyon 1,000 Ren wonders and a variety of national conditions and customs, China is a rare kind of multidisciplinary museum.

throughout the longitudinal (250 kilometers) from the DULONGJIANG Zayü County of Tibet, this abnormal raging river close to the Hengduan Mountains of China#39;s famous main north of the West, the steep mountains by Wai Plugging. The east is over 5,000 meters high Gaoligongshan (Lisu Language said Qu fruit), west of Myanmar with over 4,000 meters adjacent to a high of Kazan to play. DULONGJIANG from the upper reaches of Kelao Luo and Ma than the Luohe River after the convergence of local inflows from Di Buli Gongshan County, also the top-mao to flow to the West, a horse for Myanmar, import Enmei open Jiang. In the territory of more than 90 kilometers long, the valley area of 1,947 square kilometers. DULONGJIANG like a green throughout the Changlong, Pentium roar in the fog of the wind around the mountains. The entire valley complex terrain, looking from a height, the mountain valley of the vast rolling Lin Wei for the spectacular. Mountain Pass from the limbs to climate temperatures vary greatly, usually along the lines trip, Huihanruyu, there will be a trip to the mountainside Liang Yi, Dai Dao is Hanqixiren the Peak. DULONGJIANG big gap between water, Yuanwang the upper reaches of the river, like the feeling of从天而降. Jiang Fei Bao on a tributary of up to 100, not only abundant hydropower resources, animal and plant resources is also very rich. Due to the impact of the Indian Ocean southwest monsoon, the annual rainfall of 3,200 mm and above, with plenty of rainfall, climate appropriate. Many plants in the valley, a luxury the bald fir, harringtonine, Davidia involucrata, sulphur azaleas, water Qingshu, tree fern, bamboo is also poisoning of some growth here. Was listed as Yishou States to protect the rare birds have tigers, Niujiao Ling, Blue Sheep red, golden monkey, the dog (Red Panda), it can be said, the whole valley DULONGJIANG, Yunnan is really worthy of the title of the Kingdom of Animals and Plants in a pearl .

generations living in the valley, Dulong, China#39;s population is less ethnic, DULONGJIANG also be named. Dulong years with the valley, the mountains and wild plants Xiangyiweiming, is to eat wild plants, wild plants are also used. If hunting is Nugong Huang Sang-made, the ferry slip with the slip tube using a sauna Huang Hsiang-wood, wear the clothes using the wild Bast Fiber, even multicolored dragon#39;s independence is also used wild Bast Fiber blanket woven into the living The house is inseparable from bamboo and thatch, and sometimes in order to fill their stomachs to eat is Viola verecunda in powder and wild fruit. So extensive use of wild plants elsewhere rarely see.