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I Keelung Temple - JiLongShi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isabel  Date: 07-12 2008
Keelung City in two roadside lay-Ji Temple, is an incense heyday, the crowds keep the local temple, I do not know what time from the start, next to the temple began sharing some snacks gathered from the hot three-way love Second Road between the three - Road, despite distance, 300 to 400 meters around, it brought together nearly 200 stalls, but each business owner none Qiao Xin creative tastes and dishes, is expected to affordable, for sale to food Dining attract, this is also the temple is well known in the mouth snacks main reasons.

Keelung Temple mouth busy for a long time, until 2:03, many snacks that are also shared aroma Teng Teng!