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Egret Island - JiaXing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brooklyn  Date: 07-12 2008
Egret Island, located in the central North Lake, formerly known as Lake pier, whenever there are many egrets flew Xiamoqiuchu, habitat on the island, so named for Egret Island.

Egret Island has a long history and history scholars have Aston to this tea-drinking, the full moon Yinshi. According to records, the famous opera Yuan Jia, founder of sea salt cavity often carry Yangzi singing-girl child in the home on Lake Shuixie in song and dance Shengping, drinking the full moon, the Wing On Lake (now the Nanbei Hu) Shengge income spectrum, and in the cavity north from the southern base South plays on the formation of a salt cavity. Xu Ming dynasty of Qing, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty famous poet and thinker Lu Liang, and so have to stay here, drinking the full moon, boating Yinshi.

Egret Island original area of only three acres, 1984, when the dredging Nanbei Hu will expand to 11 acres of the island. Lush vegetation on the island, the broad field of vision. Yan Lian shimmering lake, Shanselingxiu Qingyou, panoramic view. The island has a boat-fang terminals, the promenade, tearooms, Shigong bridges, Maoting, the entire building small, delicate, simple, compact form decent, simple chic style of landscape architecture. Egret Island in the "Lu Chi," formed a lake in the Nanbei Hu Island, the island in the lake landscape features. The surface calm, Huguangshanse Daoying which is Nanbei Hu Jia of the full moon. Next to Mr. Chen Congzhou by the title of "Gan Lake Qiuyue" inscriptions, stone lanterns with the water legislation, the faint light Indian Ying water, clear sky and the moon phase reverse Huiying, forming a "one-Lu-photocoagulation have, the more water color as the" Natural picture.

in South Lake also has a small island, dredged in 1989 at Nanhu Lake, with statements from the mud pile, the island length, width of 50 meters, covering about 4 acres, the shape of butterflies.