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Rose Hall - AoMenTeBieXingZhengQu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jenna  Date: 07-09 2008
At City Hall before the floor Zhang Tong Street, also known as the Dominican Church, the board Zhang Tong, the many churches in Macao is a representative one. Because wood is separated from the first-formed, also called "plate Zhang Tong."

1828, to overhaul the church, with particular emphasis on the construction of the arts improve the taste. Today the church within the ceiling covered with a decorative pattern, the stone columns, embedded, the statue of Lord Candlestick are very delicate and elegant, the shape of different color combinations into a glass of different patterns, the church Zhuangban A colorful, bright people to feel. A church worship like Our Lady of Fatima, on May 13 in each of the flowers and Mother Mary were like trips to the church as a starting point. Baroque-style churches outside the door, milk and white external walls and green shutters very eye-catching.

open to the general in the afternoon, should be to their doorbell, and then from the edge of the gate, around a long internal galleries at the church. After the church a small museum, the collection has retained St. Paul#39;s Cathedral in the early church#39;s famous sculpture and artifacts.