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Cliff stone HULUSHAN - ChaoZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Lucas  Date: 07-06 2008
At West Lake Park, mainly concentrated in the Nanyan and Northern Rock, is Mokesaoren that a good place to stay. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, the cumulative Li Zhao, Weiweidaguan. Yet so far saved 130 number. Tang and Song Dynasties stone in the North and more rock, stone and more in the Nan Yan Ming and Qing Dynasties. Stone of a true grass-Zhuanli line, as the inscription Fengwu, the Imperial title, it is important Chronicle, celebrities Ji Yu, Xie Jing lyric, poetry of language, such as Guanya statement. More famous are the Song Dynasty, "Yu Xian buried his wife, Betty," "re-production of West Lake", "Shou-rock" and "release", "Hushan picture", and other stone. Stand Nanyan cliff "Hushan picture" words, words trail of 1.7 meters. HULUSHAN Cliff stone original 225, the existing 163, was listed as priorities in heritage conservation units.