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Mountain House - ShaoXing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Nicholas  Date: 07-06 2008
Story House Hill in Shaoxing, 74 meters above sea level, covering 22 hectares. Wolong as a result of rolling mountains, the mountain also known as the Wolong. Spring and Autumn Period, the kind of country doctor, Fu Jian suicide buried in the mountain, also known as "kind of mountain." Later, Shaoxing Fuya located in the mountains to the east, so named after the House Hill.
heyday of the Southern Song Dynasty, the mountains have Tingtailouge 72, the existing 15. Yue WANG Taiwan#39;s main attractions are, the more WANG Dian-the symbol of tomb-wing House, during the Tang and Song Dynasties Cliff stone, wind and rain booths and so on.
Yue WANG Taiwan is the Spring and Autumn Period monuments, Gucheng点将Taiwan, Gou Yue WANG Legend has it had in this点将cutting Wu. Now Yue WANG Taiwan in 1981, according to Song style to be renovated, more than 10 metres high, covering 333 square meters, the base for its lower part of the old Southern Song Dynasty. Yue WANG Taipei-old has a simple, elegant form of the leading PricewaterhouseCoopers, to the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Gaozong Zhaogou Legend has it personally by the plant. And tree planting was Gaiyuan for the first year of Shaoxing, to the state House of Shaoxing, resulting in Shaoxing names.
and Yue WANG distant across the Taiwan WANG Dian-Vietnam, located in the southern suburbs Hill House. The WANG Dian-out, Yan Shan Road Park Shijiershang passing cherry. Hill was the top-floor wing, according to local SHI Zhi-documented, "Zhu Xi Fan Li-wing House, to pressure Wu." House records, "Wuyuechunqiu" the history of their precious collections of Archaeological Finds, preservation of the contemporary masters of calligraphy and painting Mobao. Boarding Winslow, South Thanks Qin Wang, overlooking the ancient city look; Beitiao Qiantang, Wu Yue memorial events of the past; trance, and people can not help think of the Ming Dynasty scholar Xu Wei Shaoxing of a couplet: 800 in Hushan know what the picture, 10 Wanjiadenghuo Jingui here楼台. Wind and rain in the House of Shanxi South Pavilion ridgelines, this red is the pavilion to commemorate revolutionary martyrs Qiu Jin built. Booths from the wind and rain to the southeast along the mountain road trip, have a simple and elegant garden with a touch of flavour of the Jiangnan garden features. Through the bamboo forest, Several plantain, a Fenqiang, immediate Huorankailang.楼台Tingge, bridges water, plant configuration are all sophisticated and spring tours Tao Li, Wen Sweetclover-autumn and winter are Lamei. It is reveling in the scenery here, can not help but Liulianwangfan.
House Hill has many monuments, Yu-shan Huangruo read history, she is also a modern park, thousands of customs-do this.