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Xiangfan Shennong Xi - XiangFan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ella  Date: 07-04 2008

Shennong Xi originated from chickens in the Shennongjia forest of Mt. "Fei Liu直下3,000 feet, the suspect is charged nine Galaxy", its magnificent magical world nil II. Shennongjia overlooking, the vast sea of clouds, Yanshucangcang, near the old trees to see numerous trees review, Qihuayicao, Zhengyan Doo-fang; Bian Lan Falls wounded. Caves offer extraordinary and rare birds Yishou V to the mountains. Lin of a deep valley, Congcong springs, streams条条last Huiju Cheng Pentium off the Shennong Xi, a rock coffin Gap, parrots Gap, Longchang Gap, and other rivers.
rock coffin Gap tourism is drifting in the first paragraph Gap. Gap location Mingjiao Luo Ping, Gu Cheng Lo, weighing it. The Gap to Kuangu, semi-Gap for features, Shennong hole, Shen Nong#39;s hot springs, abalone rock, such as 9-storey floor, layered rock-Point Bin size attractions such as embellishment meantime. Eagle-the vast sky, fish Cheung pouring at the end of drifting the meantime, go slow.
parrot Gap SHAN Lan Wei Yi, Feng Ya King show, stream green, shrubs onion-mao, Niaoyuhuaxiang, monkeys climbing play, Mongolian Gazelle roe deer come and go, Yequ scene, to "show" Kyo. Another cave swallows Qian, three-color-chuen, stone-coffin type loopholes, the ancient plank road sites clearly visible.
Longchang Gap "-" in that lush deep, the two sides must Choi, Jiazhi, it seems Fupidaoxiao. Yongdao heavy door, the rock cliffs of several coffins, they returned to see.