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National Forest Park in Saihanba - ChengDe

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Paige  Date: 07-04 2008

? countries in Saihanba Forest Park in Weichang County of Chengde City, north, north Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Teng Ke Shike town, 240 kilometers from the Chengde, 460 km from Beijing. Hunting is the Qing Dynasty Royal Court - part of the Mulan Weichang, a total area of 141 hectares, 1,100 meters above sea level in between -1940 meters. Winter monsoon climate is temperate, cool summer climate, the maximum temperature of not more than 25 ° C. Park area of 110 hectares of forest, grassland area of 20 hectares, the forest coverage rate as high as 78 percent, is the largest in North China National Forest Park. Here diverse plant and animal species, can watch, but also for hunting. All six types of garden planning landscape, known as "water source, the hometown of clouds, flowers in the world, Lin#39;s oceans, the rare birds Yishou paradise." Is a national-level tourism resources, "ecology, Royal, folk" unique.

here in the mountainous northern Hebei, Inner Mongolia plateau and the interface zone, topography and vegetation complex structure. Cross-mountain plateau echo; enjoy the rolling hills of Austin Cayman; rivers and lakes the length and breadth of forest steppe staggered connected. Lin especially the vast area of natural grassland with the seamless, beautiful spectacular. Manchu, Mongolian and Han ethnic people inhabited the three together, mutual cultural exchanges, the National Customs strong. Enjoy Manmeng style diet, Manmeng participation in the national folk activities, tourism in national conditions and customs.