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Kan Bula National Forest Park - HuangNanCangZuZiZhiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brooklyn  Date: 07-05 2008

Kan Bula National Forest Park is located in the northwest Jianzha County, the scenic mountain ridge to pull spur from the mountain, the wind residual Qiu, Shan Jianxiao basin-and composition, a formation mainly in red sandstone and conglomerate . Kan Bula National Forest Park has 50 multiple attractions to Danxia landform as the main landscape, both large and Lijiaxia hydropower project. At present, Qinghai Kan Bula national geological park has been officially listed, it is in Qinghai Province in the first national geological park. "Danxia" peak forest landform, forest resources, human resources constitute a landscape Kan Bula national forest park of the three major scenic spots. It is like a record uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the evolution of climate history, such as the "million rolls on," the research environment in western China since the evolution of the new generation of high scientific value.

Kan Bula national geological parks, in geological position on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau in the intersection region. Park covers "Danxia" peak forest landscape, the environment and Cenozoic sediment types and sedimentary structures 3800 years since the geological evolution of the ecological environment remains. Kanbuladan Xia landscape from a red sandstone and conglomerate, the rock surface Danhongruxia. Qifeng, the mountains, caves and cliffs as the major geomorphological features. If the mountain-like tower, it seems like Fort wall, it is people such as a beast, different forms. Various lifelike form, shape variety, Guifushengong wonders. Kan Bula in a 18-odd Xianfeng, South Chong-feng, Gong Bao-feng, De-feng, in the Po-feng, the Yanfeng, the nun-feng, goats peak, the Yak-feng, most of these peaks with the naming The strong religious overtones. 18 peaks, and within-A Qiongnan of the most famous cases. De peak in the sun shining, far If viewed as if拉萨布达拉official of Shengjing; located near the village of Dehong "fairy gathering", is made up of 10拔地而起, each of the conical shape Mountain component, the above are Qihuayicao embellishment, the terrain around the uplift, like "fairy" in their dancing, unique scenery and beautiful, like entering paradise, amazing people, strong positions in the scenic area from the west, by Size dozens of cliffs such as cutting the Tazhuang peaks form, the best viewing spots, like the mountains dance, Lin vast, Seiran rain and snow, Qixiangwanqian, a magnificent people, become a spectacular feeling. A Qiongnan in four weeks for the steep rock cliffs, only a stone stairway leading to the peak path, which most of the trails is built on the cliffs of form. Peak is a temple, a number of small caves, caves, displaying Buddha, incense continuously throughout the year. Bao is a case in the independent Sisifangfang peaks, there Qihuayicao, a peak Tianchi, the springs.

Cambria La Senlin Park North by the Yellow River, close to the famous Lijiaxia Hydropower Station. Here the mountains Wei-wei, Lin vast, Qihuayicao, Seiran rain and snow, Qixiangwanqian. Cambria District Lalin cool humid summer climate, abundant rainfall, vigorous plant growth, the forest coverage rate reached 25.9 percent. Birch, Qinghai spruce, Chinese pine, poplar forest is the main species. Spruce, the Four Seasons Senior Chinese pine, beautiful tree branches tall and straight, rather Charm; flowers, shrubs wide range of common Begonia, on the tiller, the open-mei, Lu Mei Yin, Tan Chun, flowers attempted, Citrus medica son, Caragana, Rosa , Azalea, spiraea, Lonicera, mountain shrub species, such as Liu Ju and the Netherlands, point to plum, chamaejasme, Zhuang Ye Dan, Iris, Shandan flowers, Wei Ling vegetables, strawberries, Gentiana macrophylla plants and other vegetation, Manshanbianye. Each of 6, 7, August, the Shanhua artless, weeds Fangfeiyuan, September autumn, Shuangyejiehong, has made great achievements. Tour the region have deer, musk deer, Caragana, Panyang, Braun, thrush, Ma chicken, azure-winged magpie and other rare birds Yishou habitat, Niaoyuhuaxiang, fascinating.

Nanzong ditch about five kilometers to the middle the most charming scenery, here Qifeng processes, the ever-changing scenery, mountain pines and cypresses Pinnacle, Niaoyuhuaxiang; river bottom, Chan Chan, the peaceful scenery, fascinating. In addition, Kan Bula religious culture has a long history and Tibetan Buddhism is the period after the birthplace WONG, in the Tashi Temple, Nanzong Temple, the Temple nuns, become significant, dense, Monk, the Nepalese various sects of Tibetan Buddhism both the Holy Land, with Rich cultural connotations.

Kan Bula national forest parks and national key project Lijiaxia Hydropower Station closely connected and form a beautiful picture of the Danshan clear water. Kan Bula-Forest Park, the typical Danxia landform, large modern power stations, religious and cultural, ethnic style in one, Huguangshanse Xiangyingchengqu, religious folk customs complement each other.