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Crane - - GuangAn

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Dominic  Date: 07-05 2008

crane-six pool at Fort Xikou Zhen Huaying City, elevation 690 meters, formed in Erqianwannian ago, the total length of 10 km, has been the development of three kilometers. According to legend, crane-hole "crane", Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower is the Huang He flew to this point, see the beautiful scenery here, Dongjing spectacular, the hole in a long time to live down, Gu Ming-crane. Cave landscape strange, dazzling. "Waterlilies", "Welcome Song Gu," "water bridge", "migratory crane Tingquan", "Harbour air", "a Zen monk," all kinds of images to life.

crane-National Scenic Area is one of the eight major Buddhist shrines bonding Zhongxin foot, covering more than 10,000 acres, set high mountains, rock-risk, water needs, Gap insurance, Lin Shen, odd holes in one of the provincial Forest Nature Reserve.

crane-unique scenic natural landscape, the main attractions of a mountain canyon five holes, that is, double-Shishan, crane-dong, Cao Tung, Shuangshi hole, Guanyin Dong, particularly home-and five Chagou Canyon , Happy Valley. One crane hole about 20 km, with a size of over 40-hole 200 O-square-meter area; five Chagou valley 4,000 meters long, more than 10 large and small waterfalls, bamboo groves 1000 k mu, become a spectacular and fascinating .

particular crane hall, the scene even more surprising, stone landscape Qianzibaitai Zhongru, around the forest, some like gathering of the gods, some like a wise man Chuixiao, some may wish musicians Play. Hall also had a "hand-washing pool", "Optimus Prime", "gagaku Gallery," "Teana", "Sunset Red" and "Que Qiao will be" wonderful landscape, people do not head to Xia. Office of the biggest holes are more than 500 square meters, 69 meters at the highest, nearly 50-hole, there are more than 300, Dongnuanxialiang holes, the four seasons like spring. There is a cave river fish, people can see the viscera, commonly known as "glass fish." Cidong from the development since 1998, has been opening up 2.8 kilometers. Yonggungsa, maze, Underwater World, You Jing Yin He, and other landscape is under development. Grade AA is now a national tourist areas.