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Ridge crown the first tourist areas - BeiHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Vanessa  Date: 07-04 2008
?? Crown the first Ridge National Forest Park in southwest Beihai, eight kilometers away from the urban area, like a sea of Tsing Lung Hengwo. By Po Ling Wan extension of ups and downs, so named after the crown Zhuangru hole. It was a history of the Beibu Gulf banks of the people to resist the imperialist aggression as a natural barrier, mainly due to the throttle Ling,丫Ji Ling, Ma On Shan Shan of the three components, since the Southwest and Northeast to bow to the three kilometer-wide multi-Ling, covered by dense forest , Shade Cangyu, Four Seasons Evergreen, the warm climate.

?? Crown Ridge head six kilometers long, 120 m high peak, Dengfeng considerable Richuriluo, 10,000 ares Haitao. The evening, the sea Yuhuo little bit, particularly charming scenery. Waterfront to sea Cuola unique landscape, the attitude million. Under the south of the West Gulf, the water clear bottomed out, huge rock group Cuola rugged, rock monuments Dragon King (Kwu Tung Yang Lian), the waves eroded sandstone, wall-nudity, the show unexpected varies Guaishi wonders.

?? crown in the first climbers Yuan Wang Ling, Haitian Yise, Fan Ying little bit, it is Dunjue delightful. North Korea Xi tours of sunrise sunset, listening to waves shore, watching over the spray-1000 reactor, the Teana natural beauty, breathtaking.