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Rhythm period Xielao Square - ZhongShan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Timothy  Date: 07-04 2008

"Rhythm of Xielao" Sha Town Square in the village of St. lion, Jian Yuqing 25 years and Guangxu (1899), the Forum of 4 three-Church, built with granite Diaozao, approximately Six meters.

Square at the center of positive vertical engraved: "Sheng Zhi", carved back, "Enrong." Among the main positive Hengbian incised: "Rhythm of Xielao" words, the preceding paragraph: "Guangxu 25 years Jihai winter months," paragraph 32 below: "Qi Peng was the text of the same □ Young#39;s legislation", about the inter-Hengbian Yang engraved: "Yonhap", "Yao Chi." Incised in the column couplet: "dedicated North ex-Letters Patent Chong Sui Luen Wong Fook Mary Rose, the Longxi-stay as long tooth □ Laoren Xing Yao."

Square, the back of the main inter-Hengbian engraved: "hee North Korea Renrui ", about the inter-Hengbian engraved:" dry-"," Shun-kun. " Incised in the column couplet: "Spring and Autumn towering sea housing Ji Song-zhu Tim double-counting, Sheng Zhao and more rain two trees Chunxuan Sobranie."

Church column inserts pagoda, Ao Yu, stone lions, have under the dark stone inlay,