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Jing Heyuan scenic area - GuYuan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Rachel  Date: 07-04 2008
Jing Heyuan scenic area in the southern mountains of Ningxia in Jingyuan Xian, in Liupan Mountain National Forest Park. Here a beautiful Qunfeng dispute Green, Linmao Cao Feng, Feipuliuquan, 1995 by the provincial-level scenic spots rated.
Jing water, also known as the Jinghe River, originate in Liupan Mountain, in Nanhui Weishui. It is a river, and also covers the area, the deeper it is a culture of the river. Jing water basin, is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Jing source of water stacked Zhang wins mountain range, Bibo surging natural scenery, visitors have walked into the modern aesthetic vision, and its ZHONG Ling-show the true nature of the Jiangnan Saibei to attract visitors. Whether visitors to watch the lotus ditch the landscape, or cool Dian Gap, the Garonne the Xiuse, once this wonderful world, innocent clean the Jinghe River will make you think of the history and culture related to the people and events led to your understanding Drive water left to the people of the world cultural endless fun and timeless charm.
Tour Liupanshan hinterland of the old water source Longtan, cooler Hall Gap, the Garonne, taste and mood, watch and sentiment is different from other famous tourism unit of water. The new "Jingyuan Xian Zhi," said Jing Liupanshan hinterland and the source of water for the ecological landscape, "Green Island", on the Loess Plateau in northwest China is the unique Xiuse. Visitors feel, far from the bottom of my heart and clean appearance. Here is not only enchanting natural scenery and cultural resources of their right to independence.
Jing Heyuan old head of the Longtan, Wei Zheng Legend has it that the old dream of killing the dragon; "Liu Yi-book," The story is legendary in the Tang Dynasty boutique; Genghis Khan Temple cooler summer holidays Gap led visitors longing; Genghis Khan The descendant of the family also came here to ask Habitat Roots. This beautiful place, so that when the economy has the monk Liulianwangfan, in this cutting-made Buddha Cave, self-cultivation. Taiwan several times to descendants of this visit, becoming the root-seeking cross-strait cultural origins. Jing source of unique geographical environment, mountains Weiyi, Xiushui Chan Chan, rich in natural resources, clean air, Niaoyuhuaxiang, both scenery of the North-hung, another Southland Shanse of the show, the Northwest is on the Loess Plateau a "Green Island." Precisely because of this, in 1997 the National Tourism Administration opened up the national tourism calendar of the green, the Jinghe River on the "Silk Road" green.
here the main scenic spots Lotus Court, the old Longtan, small Nanshan, the Garonne, Guimen Guan, cooler Hall Gap, Shanan Gap, and other scenic spots and swing planes, Yanling Temple Grottoes, Baozi Hill Park, Chengguan, such as mosques.
Lotus Court area, located in the county town five kilometers west, from the Gap, eight kilometers into the wind, the confrontation between both sides of Castle Peak, the river mid-stream, the trees Green mountains, clear streams bottomed out, Fengdie fly, water Congcong. The most charming is the river on both sides of green grass and the annual May to August, the field could be everywhere, the umbrella of the staggered, the Pan-yellow flower.
old Longtan, Jinghe and the source of water. Tandi dark green, so unpredictable and ever, the legend is Wei Zheng Meng chopped Dragon King, Liu Yi-book story in here.
the Garonne, 30 km south in the county. Legend of the Dragon King entrenched old Longtan, sent his two sons camped here in the river, the town recapped throat, Gu Ming the Garonne. Bilateral Qifeng glens, there Huagai pine trees, green grass and Niaoyuhuaxiang, water Chan Chan.
cooler Hall Gap, located 25 kilometers southwest of the county seat, as the hinterland of Liupan Mountain, humid climate, the environment elegant, beautiful, has always been summer resort. Xi Zheng Yuan Taizu contains the history of Genghis Khan had this summer has a sharp, and has a Tingtailouge. So far there are Lema stone, dolphins, the manger, such as interpolation flag at the site.
Jing Heyuan scenic area in addition to the above-mentioned area, there are also located in the county town 10 kilometres north-east, the two-column as the "swing-" Legend of Mu Guiying had finishes is a swing area. Nanju the county town 30 kilometers, commonly known as "Caves children," Yanling Temple, Song Ji Ming Seng Xiuxian Track of the monks, are still four caves.