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Gaoxiapinghu - ShenNongJia

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luke  Date: 07-03 2008

Gaoxiapinghu name-Lake, Bei Yi-shan. Wu Shan Hukou Waterfall Gaoxuan a peg, silver-Feixie, sonic booms Valley days, it is a magnificent view, more a rejection steel bridge, air Erwo, with the relative.
-Lake, Qujingtongyou, from Castle Peak, Niaoyuhuaxiang, breathtaking, in Yuanyang Lake Water, Exocet Glimpse, the mountains appear monkeys, antelopes Benz, old trees in forest. Qingzhou by roaming which is always FUN. Ship is zoned to the lake three kilometers, in the left Shanbi on the two hot springs, has now built a hot spring pool, a bath for visitors, a warm and pleasant all the way visitors can wash away the fatigue, to wash fresh spirit.