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Egrets Middle Kingdom - GanZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brooklyn  Date: 07-03 2008

turned on the map you can see, egrets village in Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province in the southernmost tip of rejuvenating the country and adjacent to the 000, there is a foot of the three counties said. Here has retained a large number of ancient architectural integrity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the strong Hakka culture.

So far, the egret is the Jiangnan best-preserved concentration of ancient Hakka villages, although after 860 years of wind and rain, still kept a certain scale ranging from the size of the Tang Wu, Ciyu a total of 69. Just in time to visit the village and found many of disrepair and the collapse of residential areas, almost the majority of the existing residential areas are the lack of an effective safeguard, I heard that the village is now reporting history and culture village, egrets can hope to be properly protected.

a long history for a large number of egrets have a "first" and "only": the first is the only one named after the President to Ms. Temple, China#39;s first Hope Primary School, Jiangnan The first village-level Folk Museum, the National Palace Museum the only one left outside the BRIC……

egrets along the ancient Ming Ju Lu Yue Yaxing River, a branch and the village of four major streets, a Jisi Much of the "abundance". Egrets were very early evaluation of the village with the number of major attractions, and summed up as "egret Thrilling Scenic Sites": Sky One pool, two justice positions, ternary official, the four Yat Tong, Dr. Chen first, Liu Jiaoting, Qi Gu Temple, 1.80 Well , 90% Church, Cross Street. Although up to now, this 10 neighbourhood landscape many have ceased to exist, but in the hearts of the elderly in the egret, we retain these happy memories of fragments.

egrets ancestral hall to the main residential areas, sub-"The Siren" and "Si-Habitat," both from the building structure, most of them are beautifully carved on the gatehouse and construction entities in the process The courtyard of a "four water to the Church" style. Ancestral hall of the external wall of tall Tingzhi, each of the external walls of brick must have a grinding process, in the absence of cement of the times, people will use to replace the glutinous rice and water, despite the recent Millennium Fengshuang still fastness unabated.

main attractions:
restore strong Gongci: being referred to as "mountain valley in the Grand View Garden", before and after three, the largest of the egrets of construction, size of the house only 16 yards on , And "nine of 18 wells Office" is. There are also two concourses have kept complete and beautifully carved the Shidun, senior citizens over 80 to the landlord told us that some people would like to spend lots of money to the purchase, the owner Wanyanxiejue.

Shidun addition, the hall is also available in front of the BRIC said that this square for the BRIC, Youhei You thick, bears the imprint of the side. It is said that in the National Palace Museum is the only living human to a BRIC, but I have not known too. In the lobby of the courtyard, the Jiangnan garden for the typical characteristics, including two male and female, mutual Sishou nearly 300 years of Buddhist pines, flowering-tree is not only a result, estrogen results not only flowering tree, will be able to find a closer look at , Enuoduozi female trees, tall and straight-tree is stout.

Ms. Wang Tai Temple: This is said to egrets to a shrine. In feudal society, due to the patriarchal concept of the impact, perhaps in addition to chastity Church, there are very few female named buildings, in particular, the ancestral hall.

Ms. Wang Tai musical charity Oxfam has been famous for by the local people. Before dying, Ms. Wang Tai-yi also an obsession to establish the position, and told his son just warehouse the size of each year shall be not less than 10 piculs, stored in a second floor for the relief of poverty relief, then there is no egrets Jiaohua Zi said, is said to have Muming many poor people from afar. In addition, Ms. Wang Tai Temple on the first floor of extreme poverty also has become the private school children, of course, the hearts of people here have become egrets material and spiritual relief the Holy Land. Therefore, the ancestral hall of the gatehouse other than egrets gatehouse more spacious, impressive.

Hongyu Church: Hongyu Church of the unique structural anomalies, in front of a rare jump from five wishful Dougong roof structure, commonly known as the wooden Leiqi "Nestle", which are not, also highlighted some of Carving a variety of exquisite flowers and birds. Locals told us that the owner is a life-saving, highly respected doctors, by the Huangshang awards, to build this court, even if a goods officials, to this place, but also Xiamaguan.

so many ancient buildings, non-Experience a taste of which can have witnessed the essence, not to mention the wealth of Hakka culture. It can be said that the egret, Yibujijing, there are people nostalgic. (Author: Shaoye text)