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Wada big Bazza - HeTian

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jason  Date: 07-02 2008
Hotan almost all counties have a Bazza, conduct regular exchange of agricultural and sideline products. Bazza and Hetian City in the north-east of Hotan city, 315 of the road, around the tree-lined, beautiful environment, near a car park, Jiexinhuachi, Yang Yuchi and drains, there are big Bazza industry and commerce, taxation, public security, health and epidemic prevention Joint offices and clinics As a business bank, both to facilitate the transaction, manage services, the Bazza invigorate the circulation of commodities the Hotan urban and rural areas, and promoting economic prosperity.

?? Hotan Bazza covers an area of 118,352 square meters large, the region is a large multi-level, multi-function integrated market, not only national special needs of commodities, commodity, There are Uygur medicine and fruits, agricultural means of production and size of livestock, old stuff, fuelwood, and other 14 professional market, has long been engaged in business activities with 1124. Its construction has a strong local ethnic characteristics. Bazza every day, from all sides rushed to the masses of thousands of people, on turnover of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

?? Hotan big Bazza brought together with local cuisine features the cuisine, drinks a point, Ganxianguopin, medicine tonic, epigraphy Diaolou, lacquer and ceramics around the famous department store , Who smoke, such as tea. Hotan region are many kinds of tourism products, high reputation, in particular, and Hetian jade, Hotan silk, Hotan carpets, throwing roses, Yutian flower hat, ethnic Chinese medicine, national knives, handmade wooden products, such as tourism products, many of them Quanjiang ace tourism Products, foreign exchange earned through exports to the autonomous region of one of the major export products.

?? Hotan big Bazza for the local people and tourists to provide the rest, entertainment, food tasting flavor, a good place to buy tou.