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Formation of the Great Wall - DaTong

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Audrey  Date: 07-01 2008
Huoxiang a dragon, winding, Wang in between heaven and earth. According to the Chinese of "Examination of the Great Wall" are: the Great Wall from the high-Fort Xianzhen west side about four kilometers into the Datong yuan Tun Tsuen sector, the Great Wall in Datong City in the basic trend: the westward from the town pier yuan Kawaguchi arrived in Hong thanks to mouth. And then divided into two routes, the Great Wall from the main hongcibu northward turn, the Hedong kiln, the inter-Yin Mahe, the West transferred to the town of Fort Qiang, also from the town of Fort Qiang, as I resist the wall, refusing entrance to help Ma mouth to 10 Triangular, while the Great Wall from the 13th floor slabs to the south ditch to the south, from Datong City in Zuoyun County community. Another one from hongcibu to the habit, the new-wing, Polu to Wu Shih-kiln Zuoyun sector. Datong Shixia two north-south a total of about 105 km Great Wall.