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The long Tianxiadiyi - JiangJinShi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jennifer  Date: 06-29 2008
Tianxiadiyi Jiangjin in the long Jiang Town, a few people outside the park. Guangxu 30-year-spring and Jiangjin Fellows ZHONG Yun-Fang their Bingxinggangzhi offend powerful Meng Yuan imprisonment in Chengdu of the question for the express frustration, in the absence of a book one can pick up theć’·conditions, to use their deep text based, broad Knowledge and agile Caisi to day work, and miraculously the 1612 one go "to that of Jiangjin County, Riverside Chenglou" the expertise to replace the then Tianxiadiyi the long - Yueyang Dongting Junshan of Qu Yuan Xiang Fei Temple, a The new Tianxiadiyi long since reached Jiushi Yu years.