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Lixian Confucian Temple - ChangDe

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Aiden  Date: 06-28 2008
Lixian in Chengguan Town, formerly known as Li Zhou Confucian Temple, founded in Song and Ming Dynasty moved to the site, has 500 years of history, this architecture of Qing Daoguang 21 years (1841) to 24 years (1844) - Jian, an area of 8000 m2, building area of 2000 m2, the grand scale, the champion from the bridge, Tai Shing Mun, Tai Shing Temple, the Temple worship and other components, Dacheng Diannei worship Confucius. The entire building for the Palace of imitation, in 1959 by the Hunan Provincial People#39;s Government announced as the focus of heritage conservation units.