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Lin Zexu Memorial Hall - FuZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Luke  Date: 06-28 2008
Lin Zexu Memorial Hall was originally called LIN Temple, located in Fuzhou City of Fujian Macao Road, before Sanshiyinian Jianyu Qing Guangxu (1905). Temple doors east, the first for the screen wall, around doors located on both sides, the banners were "in the case of Dagon," "left the great man", screen walls Humenxiaoyan relief plans. The second-shaped wall for the ceremonial arches, banners on the main entrance of stone, "Lin Wenzhong the ancestral hall." Deacon Court home licensing. San Ying Road, a half-a-Office, the Office for direct access after Beiting. Beiting for the square, the legislature three Green Stone, finished shape. A "Sheng Zhi", a "Yucijiwen" and a "Yuci inscription" are single, thanks to Lin Zexu, in Sanshiyinian-Guangxu (1905) Temple, built-Juan. Shuter booths for the North Church, outside the wall, the Office of Lin Zexu worship center portrait, hung Emperor Daoguang Yu Shu-mei, "Fushoushan" board, and so on. South and North West appear to Huating, the Office of the West has two Quchi House, was reading the children of the Lin family, a front lawn, fish pond, rockery, flowers and trees, the entire museum for the classical-style landscape architecture.