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Ke Yan - ShaoXing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Kimberly  Date: 06-29 2008

is located in Shaoxing, 12 km west of the Ko Shan at the foot, not far from Shaoxing Keqiao, cars to Keqiao, far away can see the SHI Jing Ke Yan singular. Ko scenic rock quarrying is left for the characteristics of the King

-cultural scenic spots, started in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, now has more than 1,000 years of history, to the Qing, forming the famous "Ko-eight scenic spots" for the Vietnam-China Shengjing. After the modern landscape create a unique Jiang Xin, a Danfo area, mirror Approach area, the more of Fellows Court and won four of good garden area, runs 4-6 hours, Shaoxing is the largest in recent years, most all of the scenic tourist destinations, Was awarded the "outstanding scenic area in Zhejiang Province construction sites" and "beautiful park in Zhejiang Province tourist favorite." Ko Rock King, indeed comparable with the roar Hill, it was the ancients called "must win" land.

Ko-to-bone most Qijue, known as Tianxiadiyi stone, quarrying from the Sui and Tang dynasties is a great spectacle. The sky from the ground on the line, body twists and turns on the narrow width, like a reversed the pagoda, said wonders. Clouds of more than 30 metres high, at the end of Wai only four meters. Yuanguan like a column Yanai, Niaoniao off, it also called the "Ching-furnace smoke." Guangxu years have carved by the "cloud of" words, words than people high. PricewaterhouseCoopers green top, Qiu Chi Heng Xie, according to research more than Qianzai age. Legend has it the secretary of the Song Dynasty painter Mi Fu love stone, bone and-see "madness", is to observe a few days. From the cloud of about 100 steps to Ko rock Buddha, according to the Tang Dynasty monk cut from rock, like the seated Maitreya, is to use a high of about 10 rock Diaozao from Zhang, 10.6 meters high, the law kind , Diaozhuo exquisite, the study of ancient sculpture art, valuable. There is also the silkworm spent hole Qixingyan, Bianfu Dong Zhu Jing, are in the ancient quarry to stay,幽深Dandong, a gesture. Ke Yan after the vigorous development in recent years, a number of new attractions have been uncovered. Lotus listening, Qixingyan, the three-homology, the more women in Early Spring, the water-Fei Bao, Vietnam and Fellows Court, a series of different styles, fun, Shaoxing is a new tourist destination.

good round [Park]

Tang-style building, close to the mountains on the potential and tortuous extension of gate, a margin of the wall, the clock tower, financial Shrine, Hall of Maitreya, Fodian, handprint Hill, Ocean Centre, waist-long pool, momentum qualities. It is the largest of the Tang Dynasty architecture, which Fodian an area of 1,000 square meters, 25 meters high, Zhongyan original structure, roof singled out four meters (9 to shop), as the Eagle Zhanchiyufei, eagerly in Ko Shan. Ocean Park has 18 homes of ordinary people the size of stone Lohan, with the match-cultural, very ornamental.
[The] Court of Fellows
to stone carving in the form of show of Dayu in Shaoxing since ancient times, Ju Jian, Wang Xizhi, Lu You, Xu Wei, Qiu Jin, Zhou Enlai, Lu Xun, Zhu Kezhen, and other celebrities charisma , And the Kistler surrounding cliffs, trees and grass Fellows Memorial making the other more beautiful, with high artistic taste, is a highly cultural connotation of patriotism education bases. [-]
concentrated display of the Water Village in Shaoxing scenery and local human relationships, their three-homology, the Children#39;s World, Qingren Gu, stage, Carnation Habitat, Heng Fa Chuen slope, the more women pool, and other landscape will bring you Enter a world full of fun.
[Danfo attractions:
Three Kingdoms period, here was once a quarry, and experience the continuous cut Nenggongqiaojiang, Guifushengong like bringing up a different attitude Dan Stone, Dandong and Shek Pik. For thousands of years, with the involvement of religion, scholars and celebrities rendering the development of future generations, is now a天工Buddha, the furnace-Qing tobacco, Qixingyan, gossip Taiwan, Wenchang Pavilion, the silkworm-spent, such as Lotus listening landscape .