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Jiang floor, two - YuZhongQu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Eric  Date: 06-29 2008
The late 1970s, the Chongqing municipal government elections in the City of Dover high ground of the Kansai Eling Park, the highest peak elevation 372 meters goose the summits of the construction of a 40 m high, modern design chic aesthetic "Kan-floor," also known as Jiang#39;s two buildings, Lai Yu provided for tourists to watch a night of the best attractions.
Example-square floor for an eight-story tower building, layers of pick-painting gallery, tower-like tower, the simple elegance. A two Jiang nearest the top of the mountain, broad vision, breathtaking views, coaches direct access to downstairs. Ancient floor, side walls, engraved with two old mayor of Chongqing Tishi, the old mayor of the 1960s, the writer of the white Ge Tishi is: "Pan#39;s two mountain town, Futu Yao Jin Ju. Jiangshan win situation, Yu State-wide eyes at. Feidu double-Tian Qian Jiang, Jiang convergence of two straight east. "Two old mayor of the poem engraved, add radiance to the viewing floor, the mountain scenery is the true portrayal of scenery.
Kan-floor, boarded at night, outside viewing platform, Ningmusigu, the charming mountain town magical night all-round show in your eyes. Each layer in all directions as you pitching from top to bottom, right LAB right hope, location point of view different from the common feeling is different as the transit the night sky as if by space travel on the fly as the Tour finishes in the night sky. Faced with Jiang Liu Jiang, Liu Huo, the Jialing and Shimen Bridge as the dragon-two spot, Duoduo bridge lamp is made up training to fly into silver beads, such as the flow of the bridge lights dragged shuttle-Mobile. City Wanjiadenghuo day Canruo stars such as flashing, cascading level of the floor, Ha屋舍Liuguangyicai to dress in the crystal clear mountain town. Zongmusiwang away with the confrontation between the Red Star Pavilion, star bright, independent night sky; auditorium of the people most eye-catching, bright aperture outlining the Temple of Heaven-profile opening round; In recent years, the television tower into the sky on Tongti dazzling beam such as the dragon - This column…… around the immediate magical night scenery, you can not help blinking Shenyao, Xiasi blur, Piaopiaoyuxian, as if already volley Taixu. You stand in the upstairs viewing seems to be a night flight from the wheels of the stage Liao Wang, the lights in the AN EVERYBRIGHT CITY Chongqing, like a night flight of the ship. Example-floor fly in the ointment is that the city Jinbi Shan mountain barrier, further away from the confluence of two Jiang, the mountain city of the second half of the city of lights and the lights on the south coast to see.