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Five posts mouth - JiAn

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ariana  Date: 06-29 2008
I stand firm in the top five posts Ciping centres around Jinggangshan, entered the Jinggang Mountains is a major center of Yamaguchi Aidao, Eshou in and out of the Jinggangshan 105 Hill Road, north Huang Yangjie, a north-west of the mountains in all directions, the south-west of the double-Shek, A cinnabar-south, things have Tongmu Ling, commonly known as "five major post mouth." Here the steep peaks and valleys幽深, condescending, the terrain is very Xianyao. Yaoai post overlooking the mouth, the only nor the abyss, Cangying circled in the Mid-levels, it is frightening. Huang Yangjie 1,343 meters above sea level, all year round like the clouds, like a vast ocean, it has "Wang Yang sector," said its "waterfall cloud" sea of clouds of Shengjing.
octahedron Mountain Tichenglengxing, air in all directions, surrounding rhododendron trees Manshanbianye, late spring season, azaleas in full bloom, a flower formation of the ocean. I double-post-1286 meters above sea level, because there are two Xiangdie Peak on the big stones, the shape of two Pijun Ma, Ma Gu Ming-double. There are many wild forest around the peach trees, peach blossom in full bloom as late as Lunar New Year period in April. I Tongmu Ridge post 860 meters above sea level, Tongshu forest, Pittosporum a year when the flowers bloom all over Man Shan Ling, it said, "Tong Mu Ling." Cinnabar-post Ciping 17 km from the mouth, the gateway to the pre-Yaoai, and Huang Yangjie mutual North-South confrontation with the trend. Here the right cliffs, steep climb can not be, nor the left is deep, dangerous terrain surprising. In this cliff on the mouth half-side kiosk, and beams paste-standing-in for a King. Down from more than 10 booths step, a visible red water outflow from the Shek Pik Xizhong, cinnabar-that is so named. Five posts mouth, the most famous mouth Huang Yangjie post.
1928年On 3 August, the Hunan-Jiangxi provinces KMT forces taking advantage of my main Red Army gone Tingnan, the base of the lack of strength, organization of the four corporations Fenliang Lu Huang Yangjie post offensive mouth in an attempt to occupy the Jinggangshan. Hong Sijun 31 corporations with less than two companies of troops Datui the enemy four times after the assault, carried the ordnance from Ciping to fix just one of the mortars, in only three shells, the former two of the Youmei Zhaxiang circumstances, the third of the shells hit the foot of the mountain headquarters of the enemy, the enemy that our armed forces back from the main force, panic overnight retreat in the Korean defectors, the Red Army finally achieved Huang Yangjie to defend the war victory. Jinggangshan are on their way back to the hearing this, Mao Zedong, wrote "Xijiang Yue Jinggangshan" This poem. After the liberation, built in the Jinggangshan, "Huang Yangjie Battle Victory Monument" and the guests lounge. Monument positive inscription "Huang Yangjie Battle Victory Monument" Comrade Zhu De personally handwritten, Comrade Mao Zedong "Xijiang Yue Jinggangshan" poetry in the original handwriting Wang also engraved monument positive. In addition, Huang Yangjie "brocken spectre" is also a rare case of the spectacle. I now have five major post as a key national heritage conservation units and opening to the outside world.