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Feihong tower - LinFen

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jessica  Date: 06-29 2008
Hongdong County in Shanxi Province in the north-east of Guang-sheng Temple. Shaft glass mosaic, commonly known as the glass tower. Was built in the Han, Ming Jiajing six years for the reconstruction of the existing, revealed additional Wai Gallery, 2002 bottom plane octagonal tower, 13.
green tower rises, there are layers to canopies, Yellow-green body with blue color glaze decoration, the most exquisite of the January 23, a Dougong Yanxia, Reliance columns, statues of Buddha, bodhisattvas, King Kong, flowers, Panlong , Birds and other components and designs, kneading sophisticated, painting Xianli, so far as the new color. Hollow tower, riding Road and overturned, while climbing, very cleverly designed for China#39;s glass tower in the masterpiece. Qing Emperor Kangxi 34 years in Linfen Basin 8 earthquake, the tower was safe.