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Du Qiaoshan scenic area - YuLin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Anthony  Date: 06-29 2008

Duqiao Shan is the Job "three" of the famous tourist destinations.

Duqiao Shan is the Guangxi provincial-level scenic spots, also known as Nanshan, altitude 743 meters, covering 37.5 square kilometers, seven kilometers from the county Job, the National Road is on the alleged 36 Dongtian 20 Dongtian. Du Qiaoshan a typical Danxia landform, the mountains are Shengjing "two holes, eight-, 20 Rock." Temples history to many, Qi Li and the world-famous scenery. Temple in ancient times the mountains there are nine of 13, a lecture by renowned Tai Chi Yan, the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, the name of Li Gang, Xu Xiake, such as the Ming Dynasty travelers had Muming Tour Tiyong celebrities, is set religion, culture, One of the scenery in the mountains. Duqiao Shan area of Qingshou attractions in Duqiao Shan-west, an area of about four square kilometers, is a new development in recent years into a natural landscape and religious culture as one of the tourist district. Underground River has built a Buddhist source rafting, mountain climbing tourist cable car, 500 arhats Church, Qingshou Rock Temple, Houshan and the promenade of the monkey, the world#39;s most read Buddha, Nanshan Court, Fushoushan Bridge, Lotus, 9 Quqiao, botanical gardens and other landscape.