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Cangzhou Iron highest honour - CangZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Devin  Date: 06-29 2008
Habitat Cangzhou in Hebei iron highest honour of the first four sites, is China#39;s largest and most existing heavy iron lion in the Five Dynasties period of three years after Zhouguang Shun Lee Woon-jae, led by Shandong blacksmiths people casting system. It is now located in Cangzhou City of Hebei Province Cangxian southeast of the city, in the ancient city in Cangzhou, and are not now in the Cangzhou City.
cast iron lion head "Lion King" words, carrying huge pots, the lion who southward, head southwest, giant big mouth, limbs, Chakai, the two former left foot, right foot again after two and a - Forward, the magnificent gesture, giant strides, slowly such as pig iron lion is China#39;s large-scale panic Qiao cast iron technology, now has 1,000 years of history, and that it has fully demonstrated the working people of our ancient wisdom and artistic talents. Cast iron lion
the purpose and uses of different argument, according to a Lianzuo lion back, abdomen with King Kong Shiki in the scriptures and the original iron lion in front of the Kaiyuan records to determine, iron lion may be Manjusri Buddha statues base, However, no written records to verify. Legend has it again, ancient Cangzhou the verge of the Bohai Sea, lying Diao, often flooding disaster, people think that the Bohai Sea Wulong mischief, then cast iron lion down Wulong, the iron lion also known as the "Zhenhai roar."